Monday, July 9, 2012

Neckties: The Attire of Death

As a little boy, were you always uncomfortable wearing neckties? Did wearing suits make you feel restricted and negative? - Chances are, the answer is yes. As you got older, you learned to accept suits and neckties. You were taught that wearing such things demonstrated esteem and status.

As a grown-up, you now take pride in wearing your suit to work. However, deep down inside, you feel like this is not right. Something is wrong here.

Little did you know, and little do you currently know, wearing a necktie will be the death of you!

Think about what situations require us to wear a tie. What do all of these situations have in common? - Short answer: They cause you to die inside. Long answer: Read below:

Neckties Affect the Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra

The human consists of a physical body, mental body, and spiritual body. Each of these bodies affect each other. A component of our spiritual body consists of what are called chakras.

Neckties Affect the Throat Chakra

Chakras are energy centers located midline of the body. There are 7 main chakras, and each of them govern our physiological and psychological properties. In this writing, the throat chakra will be discussed in relation to the necktie.

The Throat Chakra is located at the throat, and it is responsible for self-expression and speaking. When it is in balance and open, one is able to express oneself. This is a common trait shared between artists, activists, rebels, and anyone else who stands up to corruption and authority.

When this chakra is unbalanced or under-active, one tends not to speak much and is often afraid to express opinions.

Pay attention the next time you put on a tie. Does it feel like you're being choked? Do you feel a knot or blockage around your throat?

Is it any wonder why the necktie is being forced upon everybody?

The Necktie Agenda

Wearing a necktie causes people to keep their mouths shut. The government has pushed the necktie unto us, decreasing the level of rebellion. We are living in a period of increased uprisings and protests. By forcing ties on everybody, we lose our abilities to stand up to authority and corruption.

Neckties Affect the Throat Chakra

By wearing ties, we block our throat chakra, thereby making us less likely to speak the truth about the corrupt government. We are literally put on a leash like dogs. Who are our owners? The government and the corporations. We are their bitches.

The Tie at School

At school, students are forced to wear ties. Why is this? To block their throat chakras. By wearing ties in school, students are unable to question their teachers. Remember that annoying kid in class who couldn't keep his mouth shut? - well, put a tie around that kid's neck, and he'll be too choked up to say anything.

Neckties Affect the Throat Chakra

With the necktie, students are forced to become obedient, well-behaved children. This way of being carries over into adult life, where they become upstanding citizens, contributing to society, never questioning authority, trusting the government, etc.

The Tie at the Workplace

At work, we become suits. The necktie causes us to become servile employees. Like little bitches on a leash, we aim to please our masters by blindly following their orders, and never questioning them. Do you have an opinion? - STFU!

All jobs that require wearing a suit and a neckite are horrible. All suits are miserable; the typical 9-5 office job that causes you to die a little more inside everyday. Wearing a chakra-blocking tie doesn't help either.

'Til death do you part

Marriage. Another life-ending scenario. Is it any coincidence that the necktie is part of the groom's wedding attire as well? Men are literally put on a leash.

Neckties Affect the Throat Chakra

The Tie of Death

Funerals. Your death. Is it any coincidence that your body is put in a suit with a necktie, when you die? - NOPE - there are no coincidences. Like all other life-ending situations, death is accompanied by a necktie. Neckties Affect the Throat Chakra

Necktie Propaganda: Don't Fall For It!

The government and corporations know that neckties make us feel miserable and oppressed. So what do they do? They make suits and neckties look sexy and attractive. Through the media, they have brainwashed us into thinking that suits and ties are cool...

Neckties Affect the Throat Chakra

Don't fall for it! Question everything! Why are neckties so cool now? Was it always like this? Is it normal to put a noose around ones own neck?!


  1. If the government is trying to make people wear ties to keep their mouths shut, why does the government wear them as well?

    1. What you perceive as the government (presidents, politicians, etc) only take on the "appearance" of being the leaders. These puppets are being controlled by an even higher power that most people are unable to conceive of.

    2. Who is this higher power you are speaking of?

    3. I can get into a lot of trouble if I tell you. However, I advise you to research this on your own.

  2. Well ties come from the Croatian Cravat that the mercenaries used to wear. The tie is considered or it was considered a symbol for the working man, as going to "war". The daily struggle the "business war". The way it's designed also symbolizes the virility of a man as in the military ranks.

  3. You are a bit hard on women when it comes to marriage. Men can be just as hard to live with!

  4. I like the way you think brother!
    Your articles are a joy to read.
    Thanks for taking the time and effort to use your mind.

  5. In the words of the immortal Bo Diddley, "Man, that's the biggest load of rubbish I ever heard in my life."

  6. Think for yourself QUESTION authority


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