Thursday, December 27, 2012

Celebrity Gossip

I was on the bus the other day and I saw this lady reading a celebrity magazine. I was looking over her shoulder to see what she was exposing herself to. It all seemed like useless information about the lives of celebrities. I thought to myself, why would people even care about this kind of stuff?

Celebrity Gossip

I then realized how stuff like this distracted people from the real issues of the world. I would say that picking up a newspaper would be more productive, but these aren't any better either, being filled with propaganda and BS; the only reason why people read newspapers these days is for the celebrity gossip section, anyway.

Celebrity Gossip Newspaper Propaganda

I then extended this thought into the sports industry. People pick up sports magazines and read about their favorite athletes and sports teams. By indulging in all of this useless information, they become totally distracted from how badly they're being f*cked by our "leaders", and what's really going on behind the scenes.

Sports Propaganda Celebrity Gossip News

It seems like everything out there is a distraction. Everything from magazines, to video games, to sports, mainstream music, TV. Everything. Not only do they distract people, but they affect the very way we perceive reality.

It seems like people would rather discuss the latest celebrity scandal than to discuss world events or spiritual topics. People would rather play War-like video games, than to question the very wars that are being orchestrated in the real world. People would rather watch a football game than to watch the skies and observe/question mother nature.

Sports Propaganda Celebrity Gossip News

People continually seek external knowledge and answers from others; We have forgotten to look inside ourselves; for deep within us, lies all the knowledge and answers we'll ever need.

We are becoming more stupid, and we don't even realize it.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Dog-Headed Alien People Exist

Dog-headed alien humanoid

I have reason to believe that a race of Dog-Headed Humanoid Aliens exist, and that they are living among us today.

Before you dismiss this as utter BS, be sure to read the rest below and conduct your own research. Keep your mind open. Question everything.

Dog-People in Ancient Times and Early History

The existence of Alien Dog-People trace back to ancient Egypt. The most earliest-known Dog-Person back then was known as Anubis, who taught the Egyptians about mummification and also helped dead people cross-over to the afterlife. He also protected people from evil spirits (i.e. evil alien entities).

Dog-Headed Alien People Exist

In the era of early Christianity, there was a tribe of Dog-Headed people, who fought many battles and killed many people. Jesus had taught one of them the error of their ways, and after baptizing him, he became known as Saint Christopher.

Dog-Headed Alien People Exist

The great explorer Marco Polo speaks of his encounters with Dog-Headed people during his travels to the Angamanian island:

"Angamanain is a very large Island. The people are without a king and are Idolaters, and no better than wild beasts. And I assure you all the men of this Island of Angamanain have heads like dogs, and teeth and eyes likewise; in fact, in the face they are all just like big mastiff dogs! They have a quantity of spices; but they are a most cruel generation, and eat everybody that they can catch, if not of their own race."

Dog-Headed Alien People Exist

Where Did They Come From?

Dog-Headed Alien People Exist

The Alien Dog-People originated from the Sirius star system of our galaxy. They came here thousands of years ago to aid people with their spiritual development. However, something happened that caused the Alien Dog-People to become disconnected from their own spirituality, and they went into survival-mode, turning them into savage beasts. What caused them to lose their spirituality was probably the same thing that caused the humans to lose theirs.

It is possible that there still exists a branch of spiritually-evolved dog-people, but they have yet to be encountered in modern times on our planet; perhaps they have returned to their home planet in Sirius.

Modern Day Alien Dog-People

There are countless reports of sightings of Alien-Dog People, suggesting that they still exist today, and are hiding among us.

Dog-Headed Alien People Exist

Some Africans are Descendants of the Alien Dog-People

In Ancient Egypt, the Alien Dog-People were depicted as dark-skinned humans with the heads of black dogs. It is quite possible that the Alien-Dog People mated with the Egyptians, creating a dark-skinned race, resembling Africans. This could explain why many Africans refer to each other as DAWG, and why African men often refer to their women as BITCHES.

Dog-Headed Alien People Exist

Dogs are Descendants of the Alien Dog-People

The original Alien Dog-People of Ancient Egypt were known to be extremely spiritual, possessing supernatural powers. As mentioned before, they protected the people from evil spirits/aliens and also helped dead people move on to the afterlife.

Domesticated dogs as well as wolves, foxes, and the entire canine family are direct descendants of these Alien Dog-People. Is it any coincidence that dogs are known to be man's best friends, and are able to detect spirits? Nope!

Dog-Headed Alien People Exist


Dogs are man's best friends... just stay away from the vicious dog-headed alien people... they will literally try to eat you. There are however, benevolent alien dog-people out there; it is important to differentiate between them; In order to do this, we must raise our vibrations and re-connect with our spirituality!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dolphins are Descendants of Alien Mermaids

I have reason to believe that Dolphins are the direct descendants of Mermaids/Mermen, who originate from beyond the stars.

Mermaid Aliens in Ancient Times

Ancient wall-carvings from ancient civilizations around the world suggest that a group of alien fish-people came to earth from beyond the stars. These fish people were extremely intelligent and highly spiritual.

Dolphins are Descendants of Mermaid Aliens

It is said that the Alien Fish-People came from a water-filled Fish-Bowl-like planet from the Sirius B star system. The water in their fish bowl of a planet became polluted, and they had to find a new home. Filled with clean oceans and sea waters at the time, planet Earth became the new home of the Alien Fish-People.

Upon their arrival to Earth, they encountered a tribe of primitive humans somewhere in Africa. The Alien Fish-People taught the primitive humans the secrets of the universe, which aided in their evolution.

Dolphins are Descendants of Mermaid Aliens

The Dogon tribe and some Australian Aboriginal tribes claim to be descendants of the Alien Fish-People, explaining the use of the Dolphin as a symbol in their rituals and ceremonies.

Dolphins are Descendants of Mermaid Aliens

Remains of Alien-Fish People Discovered!

Discoveries of the Alien-Fish people's skeletal and mummified remains have been made a few times. These skeletons resemble what we call Mermaids.

Dolphins are Descendants of Mermaid Aliens

Sightings of live mermaids/mermen are rare today. The reason for this is because the Alien Fish-People now operate on higher dimensional planes of our reality (perhaps the 4th, 5th, or 6th dimensions), rendering them invisible to us in the lower-density 3rd dimension. It is also possible that the Alien Fish-People operate through the bodies of Dolphins, Whales, and Amphibians.

Dolphins are Descendants of Alien Fish-People

In ancient times, the Alien Fish-People created Dolphins to look after us and to aid us in our spiritual evolution. This explains why Dolphins are so smart and are naturally connected to humans. The noises and sonars produced by Dolphins actually have a healing affect upon the human body!

The Alien Fish-People also created all sea-life on Earth to maintain its biosphere and to make it more compatible with their physical bodies.

Dolphins are Descendants of Mermaid Aliens

In Beijing, a study on Dolphins showed that they score higher on IQ tests than human beings. A marine biologist name Hsu, who conducted the study, claims to have established telepathic communication between himself and a couple of dolphins, after which they told him about their origins.

(WeeklyWorldNews)"Full understanding of their thoughts and feelings came in fits and starts but we now seem to be on a common verbal ground," said Hsu.

"These magnificent creatures are highly-evolved life forms that came to Earth from a distant planet.

"And from what I understand, the civilization they left behind was even more advanced than our own."

"The dolphins have made it clear that their ancestors came here 100,000 years ago to escape pollution on their home planet.

"But their starships--as well as the technological know-how that allowed them to save themselves have long since vanished. Ironically, the pollution that drove them here so many years ago is now threatening their existence once again.

"As our own oceans become more and more polluted, dolphins kills are being reported around the world.

"But they no longer have the means to help themselves. They need us to find a solution for them."

Save the Dolphins

As mentioned earlier, the Dolphins are here to aid us in our spiritual evolution. With the oil dumping crisis, Fukashima and many other events affecting the oceans and the sea, as well as the increase in Dolphin killings, it makes one wonder whether there is an agenda behind it all to suppress our spiritual development and the Dolphins' ability to help us.

Dolphins are Descendants of Mermaid Aliens

It is up to us to put an end to the pollution and to help our Dolphin brothers! Lets raise our vibrations together and swim through the sea of love and light!

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Dream World is the Real World

I believe that the dream world is just as real, if not, more real than this physical reality we are currently living in. Ever since my first lucid dreaming experience a while ago, my whole perspective on reality changed...

What is Real-ity?

Could it be, that the dream world we experience when having lucid dreams, is actually the real world? - Where we can manifest and materialize things at will; where we can fly and where anything is possible? - but "the powers that be" have somehow placed limitations on us, and what we think are lucid dreams, are glimpses of what is truly possible in "waking life"?

This reminds me of what ancient tribes and shamans talk about; they speak of androgynous humans from a long time ago who were able to do what one would be able to do in a lucid dream; whatever they thought of, would manifest and materialize instantly. They lived in a limitless reality.

The Illusion

How can reality be restricted by laws of physics, mathematical formulas, and geometric patterns that are so precise and consistent? - did somebody, or something program our current reality? What if we found a hack in the program? or un-installed it? - Would we become free from all its limitations and boundaries? Would the line between the dream world and the "waking world" disappear? Is our physical world just a programmed illusion?

Movies like The Matrix, Inception, Vanilla Sky, Waking Life, Paprika, and many others come to mind. Perhaps these works of fiction have some truth embedded within them...

Movies such as The Matrix, Inception, and Paprika could be based on truth.

In our "waking life", our consciousness and perception of reality is determined by what we have been taught to believe; our education system, our belief systems, and the media influence how we perceive our reality. When we are "asleep" and "dreaming", all of these programmed influences disappear, and we become uninhibited, free from all of our indoctrination, programming, and boundaries.

It's Time to Wake Up

It's like this physical world is a dream, and when we go to sleep, we wake up into the real world, which we perceive to be the dream world... and when we "wake up" from that world, we go back to sleep.

You can tell me a bunch of scientific bullshit about the way our brain works or whatever, but science has proven itself to be full of shit.

We're all asleep right now, and there are evil forces out there who intend on making sure we stay asleep... It's time for us to wake up and OPEN OUR EYES! - OUR REAL EYES! REALIZE!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

What's Healthier - Vegan vs Vegetarian vs Meat-Eating

What's healthier? Veganism vs Vegetarianism vs Paleo vs Fruitarian, etc.
My answer is: NEITHER!... Allow me to explain:

True Human

A long time ago (B.C), humans were vibrating at an extremely high level of consciousness and spirituality. As inter-dimensional beings, they possessed supernatural abilities and could communicate telepathically with each other, the same way animals do.

Humans lived exclusively off the sunlight and the air; they did not need to consume animals or plants for sustenance. In fact, they co-existed with animals and plants in harmony, and could communicate telepathically with them. Everything and everyone was connected. Humans were one with the universe. These were peaceful times.

The Change

One day, evil aliens took over the planet, and altered the humans' DNA via genetic engineering and Quantum Super-Science. As a result, psychic and metaphysical abilities were bred out, the humans' existence and perception of reality was now limited to the low-density 3rd dimension, and they could no longer live off the sun and air. They required more sustenance, which only animals and plants could provide.

The humans began eating their animal and plant friends. Having lost their spiritual abilities, the humans no longer had a deep connection with animals, plants, and each other. There was no longer harmony on earth.

Modern Man

Fast forward to modern time (today). We are all descendants of these modified humans. We require meat and plants just as they did. Our lack of spirituality has resulted in the exploitation of animals, plants, the planet, and ourselves!

Our need for physical consumption of foods has made it easier for our alien overlords to control us. By genetically modifying our foods, and spiking them with chemicals, they are literally poisoning us, keeping us in a low state of consciousness, dis-connecting us from nature and from ourselves.

Our alien overlords are using the education system and the media to affect the way we perceive reality. We are stuck in a low-vibration material reality, where our perception has become limited to our five physical senses.

What Can We Do?

If we want to get back to our original state of being, we must re-connect with our spirituality. We must raise our consciousness to the point where we can transcend our altered physiology. There are many benevolent spirits/aliens out there who are trying to connect with us, to show us the way; we just have to learn how to listen.

Once we have achieved a high level of consciousness, we can go back to our original diet of sunlight and air, which is the healthiest diet of all!

In the meantime, regardless of whether you're an advocate of a meat-based diet or plant-based diet, the key is to avoid processed foods and GMO!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Ancient Human Ancestors had Wings

I have reason to believe that at one point in human history, man had wings and had the ability to fly amongst the birds. Before you dismiss this topic immediately as nonsense, please continue to read below, conduct your own research and draw your own conclusions. Keep an open mind. Question everything.

Born to Fly

Since the beginning of our conceived time, man has always dreamed of flying. The invention of the airplane can attest to man's great efforts to achieve such abilities. Have you ever wondered why many of us have the inner-desire to to fly? - It is because ancient Man once had wings, and deep within our souls and bodies, is the innate desire to take flight just as our ancestors once did.

Ancient Human Ancestors had Wings

Human Ancient Ancestors had Wings

Ancient wall-carvings, drawings and statues depict Man as a creature who possessed wings like a bird. Ancient civilizations are known to have carved their history on the walls for future generations to learn about. These carvings suggest that our ancestors had wings!

Ancient Human Ancestors had Wings

Quantum science proves that our winged ancestors were also inter-dimensional beings. By using the flapping motion of their wings, they were not only able to fly through the sky, but could also fly across dimensions. Unlike modern man, who is restricted to the low-density 3rd dimension, our winged ancestors could travel between the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th dimensional planes of existence; they did this by flapping their wings at a rate specific to a certain dimension's frequency, transferring them to the dimension of their choice.

Ancient Human Ancestors had Wings

Our winged ancestors were highly spiritual and very intelligent. Ancient writings such as the bible, the Sanskrit, and ancient scrolls referred to our ancestors as Angels or winged spirits.

Ancient Human Ancestors had Wings

Modern Man are Descendants of Angels

The big question is: SO WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR WINGS?! -- Well, A long time ago, our world was taken over by a malevolent race of entities who saw our winged ancestors as a threat. To diminish the threat, the evil entities manipulated our winged ancestors by giving them "gifts": These pretty and shiny material objects mesmerized our winged ancestors, which locked them into the low-density 3rd dimension. The evil entities continued to give them false gifts and eventually, our winged ancestors became so engulfed in the material world, that they had forgotten all of their spiritual knowledge. As a result, they lost their wings along with the ability to fly.

Ancient Human Ancestors had Wings

What we see today as modern man are descendants of these ex-angels. Unfortunately, our materialistic values have gotten worse, and our disconnection from our true selves is increasing as the "powers that be" continue to manipulate us.

Fortunately, not all of our winged ancestors fell for the evil force's tricks. The winged ancestors who survived the manipulation have secluded themselves in the higher dimensions and serve as Guardian Angels to those who are stuck in the 3rd dimension.

Ancient Human Ancestors had Wings

There have been countless sightings of guardian angels in our 3rd dimension. When people here in the 3rd dimension pass-away, they have the option to return to their roots in the higher dimensions to serve as Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides. Many of them may also choose to work as Cupid Warriors and Tooth Fairies. Due to their inter-dimensional nature, they have the ability to shrink, change form, and travel through time, space, and dimensions.

Ancient Human Ancestors had Wings

It is important to note that not all of mankind are descendants of these winged ancestors. Each ancient tribe and village has their own unique roots, which can be traced beyond the stars and dimensions. If you are somebody who loves to to fly on airplanes, if sky-diving and being airborne appeal to you, and if angels and guardian angels have a special place in your heart, then you are most likely related to the ancient winged-man.

It is possible that the majority of the Caucasian race are descendants of these ancient angel ancestors.

Skeleton of Human Winged-Ancestors Discovered!

In Russia, archaeologists had found the skeletal remains of what seems to be an angel. The skeleton resembled that of a modern-day human, but with the addition of wings. It is likely that these are the remains of one of our winged ancestors. May he/she rest in peace.

Ancient Human Ancestors had Wings

Furthermore, the fossilized remains of what appears to be a tiny winged-human were discovered. These are the remains of our ancient human winged ancestors who worked as cupid warriors and tooth fairies.

Ancient Human Ancestors had Wings

Also: Crop Circle suggests that Man's next "evolutionary" step involves the growth of wings!

Modern Man and the Flight Instinct

Despite the invention of the aircraft, man is still not satisfied. The idea of using an artificial means of aerial locomotion (airplanes) does not give the same feeling of freedom and mobility that our winged ancestors had. Ingrained within us, is the desire to re-grow our dormant wings and take flight into the wind. In order to achieve this, man has created several devices that actually resemble having wings attached to our backs, exactly as our ancestors did. The primal urge to fly like angels has driven man to make some impressive inventions:

Ancient Human Ancestors had Wings

We have a longing to get back in touch with our winged roots. Many of us have used body modification methods such as bodybuildng and tattoo art to literally grow wings on our backs.

Ancient Human Ancestors had Wings

Not So Far-Fetched, After All

If you consider the fact that some squirrels can fly, and that some lizards, fish and ants have wings, then who is to say that a branch of humans cannot have wings as well? The concept is not so far-fetched, after all.

Ancient Human Ancestors had Wings

The history of our ancient human winged ancestors have been suppressed by our governments because they know that if we awaken to our true potential and re-grow our wings, they will no longer be able to control and manipulate us. They are afraid. So I say to you: Spread your wings, and fly!

Alien Cat-People are Among Us

Humanoid Cat Alien People

I have reason to believe that there exists a race of humanoid alien felines, who are currently living among us today.

Before you immediately dismiss this as nonsense, read the explanations below. Conduct your own research about this topic, and then you can draw your conclusions. Until then, keep your mind open. Question everything.


Throughout ancient Egyptian history, felines were often worshiped. In fact, many wall-carvings and statues depict felines as gods with humanoid characteristics. Anthropologists and such have always wondered why this was the case. Well, I'm about to explain it to you:

Humanoid Cat Alien People

A very long time ago (B.C), a group of advanced feline aliens traveled across the stars and dimensions and stumbled upon a planet we know today as Earth, in an area known as Egypt, whose population at that time consisted of very primitive humans.

In an attempt to aid in the evolution of these primitive humans, the feline aliens introduced to them certain tools and technologies such as inter-dimensional-traveling boats, aircraft and submarines. This allowed the primitive Egyptians to travel beyond unknown territory to discover new horizons, leading to an evolutionary leap in their spiritual and intellectual development.

Humanoid Cat Alien People

The Alien Cat-People also introduced electricity to the primitive people. This allowed them to operate during the night and in dark caves, leading to new discoveries!

Humanoid Cat Alien People

When the Alien Cat-People were done with the Egyptians, they returned to their home planet. The Egyptians were so thankful, that they produced statues and wall-carvings of their Cat-Gods in appreciation of the gifts they had given them.

Who Are They? Where Did They Come From?

The Alien Cat-People come from different star systems such as Lyran and Sirius. Their appearance resembles the feline kingdom on our planet. They do not like to be referred to as Cat-People--they are humanoids who have catlike qualities. They are agile, they possess tremendous physical strength, and they are extremely intelligent and spiritual.

Humanoid Cat Alien People

Due to their advanced spiritual development, the Alien Cat-People have supernatural psychic abilities and they operate primarily on the higher dimensions (perhaps the 5th or 6th dimension). These higher dimensions vibrate at a much higher rate than our 3rd dimension, rendering them invisible to us. However, if they choose, the Alien Cat-People may manifest themselves into our 3rd dimension. The Alien Cat-People still live among us today, but on higher dimensional planes.

Humanoid Cat Alien People

Cats are Descendants of the Alien Cat-People

Back in ancient times, when the Alien Cat-People returned to their home planet/dimension, they left behind what we know today as cats, lions, tigers, and the entire feline kingdom. These animals are direct descendants of the Alien Cat-People, and were left here to help watch over us and to aid us in our spiritual development and evolution.

Have you ever wondered why domestic cats are able to detect spirits? It is because they have inherited supernatural and psychic abilities from the Alien Cat-People. With these abilities, the cats can protect us from evil inter-dimensional entities. You ever wonder why cats sometimes stare at nothing? or start roaring at nothing? - now you know why.

Humanoid Cat Alien People

These powers have also allowed cats to travel through the astral realms, and into our dreams, where they can communicate with us without interference from our programmed conscious minds. They can also predict future events and are capable of telepathic communication. Cats are also capable of teleportation, which explains why they tend to "disappear" for long periods of time.

The Sphinx

The Sphinx is a special space craft created by the Alien Cat-People. They often use the Sphinx to travel between their home planet and ours, as well as to travel through different dimensions and through time. Our scientists have not been able to uncover this because its components are too advanced for them to conceive.

Humanoid Cat Alien People

CATS Musical: Costume or Alien Cat-People?

The Alien Cat-People have inspired many artists throughout history. From ThunderCats to the CATS Musical, sources indicate that the Alien Cat-People have made themselves known to influential artists and media producers, in an attempt to publicize their presence on Earth.

Humanoid Cat Alien People

Humanoid Cat Alien People

Their Mission

As mentioned earlier, the Alien Cat People are here to watch over us, and to aid us in our spiritual development and evolution. There are evil entities that have taken over our world, and the Alien Cat-People are one of many forces that oppose them. However, they can't do it alone; it is up to us to fight against corruption and evil. Awaken the lion within, and fight!

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