Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fullmetal Alchemist: An Animated Documentary About the Illuminati

I have reason to believe that the Japanese manga/anime known as Fullmetal Alchemist is an animated documentary about the Illuminati and their influence over the world. I just finished watching this show and I gotta say, it's amazing. Definitely one of my top favorite Japanese anime.

In terms of symbolism and conspiracy, it's as if the writers got the ideas straight out of a David Icke book. The show seems to hint at many truths involving our governments, the Illuminati, tptb, sacred geometry, genetic engineering, etc.

I don't know if the creators of the show (or the manga from which the show is based on) are in the know, or if they got their ideas from conspiracies, or if it's all coincidence (highly unlikely), the show can almost be seen as an animated documentary. The film industry is known for spilling out truths of this kind here and there. I wouldn't be surprised if this were the case in this situation.

You can watch all 64 episodes here (in English):

Take a look at the first episode at least, and you'll see plenty of symbolism.

I enjoyed the show itself. In the end, the good guys win. But the symbolism and the similarities to popular conspiracies is uncanny!

Here are some things the story involves throughout the show (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS):

  • The use of sacred geometry to manipulate physical reality

  • The all-seeing eye makes many obvious appearances throughout the show. In fact, the main villain, who is a non-human entity, is a shadow-like figure consisting of many one-eyes

  • A group of powerful non-human entities orchestrate wars between countries for their own personal gain. This involves the massacre of a brown-skinned race, which is blamed on the white-skins, causing hate between the two races/peoples

  • These non-human entities are controlled by an even more powerful entity pulling all the strings from behind the scenes

  • The leaders of the country are chosen from birth by the non-human entities, and are given a false backstory to feed the public. These leaders who are chosen from birth are given a special education. The kind of education hidden from the public. These leaders are placed in the top positions of government, and are controlled by the non-human entities to lead the country in a direction that serves their evil agenda

  • The top members of the government consist of these non-human entities. Human members on the top are all in on it with the promise of receiving "special gifts" from their non-human masters

  • Human members of the government in lower ranks who become aware of these conspiracies and who try to expose them are killed, and a cover-up story is delivered to the public to explain their death; a patsy from the lower-ranks of the government is even used to frame it

  • The non human-entities take the form of humans, using bodies to use as a container

  • There is a huge shape-shifting reptilian-like entity who serves the agenda of the non-human entities

  • The non-human entities look down on humans and see them as inferior, but they are also envious of the humans because of certain traits they posses

  • The use of human sacrifices

  • The template of the city has been designed to form a sacred geometrical shape that will help the non-human entities harvest energies from the humans of the city, to give them more power. This had been set up since the beginning of the country's conception. In fact, these non-human entities have done this before to previous civilizations to conduct mass-human sacrifices

  • New world order / military state

  • Genetic engineering, creating animal-human hybrids as well as creating genetically-engineered soldiers with super strength, etc.

  • The concept that god is us, and we are god, and that we are all one... even the non-human entities

Here are a few pics from the show:

If you do a search query on the bullet points above, you will find many real-life conspiracies pertaining to these subjects!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ebola Outbreak - New Modern Family Episode: Predictive Programming

Modern Family, Season 6, Episode 3, which aired on October 8, 2014, is an obvious case of predictive programming towards the ebola outbreak.

There are two interconnected storylines in this episode:

1. One storyline involves the airborne spreading of the cold virus. The character who first spreads the cold to his family actually refers to himiself as PATIENT ZERO, which is what the first man in America to have recently gotten Ebola is called... COINCIDENCE?... I THINK NOT!

Ebola Outbreak - New Modern Family Episode: Predictive Programming

Ebola Outbreak - New Modern Family Episode: Predictive Programming

2. The other storyline involves the character trying to produce a false video using green screen technology to fabricate a story about how the cold virus was spreaded around his family.

Ebola Outbreak - New Modern Family Episode: Predictive Programming

Ebola Outbreak - New Modern Family Episode: Predictive Programming

The episode was probably produced a year ago; such great timing for them to have aired it right around the time when Ebola has entered America, where Patient Zero had recently died.

This whole psy-op reveals that the ebola thing might not be what it seems. Is mainstream media fabricating the stories via "clever" video editing? Are they preparing us for something? Is the government hiding the true story?

Also: South Park aired an episode on Oct 1st called “Gluten Free Ebola”, the day after the first US ebola victim was announced--incredible timing, huh!!

I have reason to believe that Ebola clearly has been very well-planned and is the big one to eventually enforce dangerous vaccines, RFID chips, martial law, etc.

Do your research. Look into it. Question Everything.

I'll finish with this:

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