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Dolphins are Descendants of Alien Mermaids

I have reason to believe that Dolphins are the direct descendants of Mermaids/Mermen, who originate from beyond the stars.

Mermaid Aliens in Ancient Times

Ancient wall-carvings from ancient civilizations around the world suggest that a group of alien fish-people came to earth from beyond the stars. These fish people were extremely intelligent and highly spiritual.

Dolphins are Descendants of Mermaid Aliens

It is said that the Alien Fish-People came from a water-filled Fish-Bowl-like planet from the Sirius B star system. The water in their fish bowl of a planet became polluted, and they had to find a new home. Filled with clean oceans and sea waters at the time, planet Earth became the new home of the Alien Fish-People.

Upon their arrival to Earth, they encountered a tribe of primitive humans somewhere in Africa. The Alien Fish-People taught the primitive humans the secrets of the universe, which aided in their evolution.

Dolphins are Descendants of Mermaid Aliens

The Dogon tribe and some Australian Aboriginal tribes claim to be descendants of the Alien Fish-People, explaining the use of the Dolphin as a symbol in their rituals and ceremonies.

Dolphins are Descendants of Mermaid Aliens

Remains of Alien-Fish People Discovered!

Discoveries of the Alien-Fish people's skeletal and mummified remains have been made a few times. These skeletons resemble what we call Mermaids.

Dolphins are Descendants of Mermaid Aliens

Sightings of live mermaids/mermen are rare today. The reason for this is because the Alien Fish-People now operate on higher dimensional planes of our reality (perhaps the 4th, 5th, or 6th dimensions), rendering them invisible to us in the lower-density 3rd dimension. It is also possible that the Alien Fish-People operate through the bodies of Dolphins, Whales, and Amphibians.

Dolphins are Descendants of Alien Fish-People

In ancient times, the Alien Fish-People created Dolphins to look after us and to aid us in our spiritual evolution. This explains why Dolphins are so smart and are naturally connected to humans. The noises and sonars produced by Dolphins actually have a healing affect upon the human body!

The Alien Fish-People also created all sea-life on Earth to maintain its biosphere and to make it more compatible with their physical bodies.

Dolphins are Descendants of Mermaid Aliens

In Beijing, a study on Dolphins showed that they score higher on IQ tests than human beings. A marine biologist name Hsu, who conducted the study, claims to have established telepathic communication between himself and a couple of dolphins, after which they told him about their origins.

(WeeklyWorldNews)"Full understanding of their thoughts and feelings came in fits and starts but we now seem to be on a common verbal ground," said Hsu.

"These magnificent creatures are highly-evolved life forms that came to Earth from a distant planet.

"And from what I understand, the civilization they left behind was even more advanced than our own."

"The dolphins have made it clear that their ancestors came here 100,000 years ago to escape pollution on their home planet.

"But their starships--as well as the technological know-how that allowed them to save themselves have long since vanished. Ironically, the pollution that drove them here so many years ago is now threatening their existence once again.

"As our own oceans become more and more polluted, dolphins kills are being reported around the world.

"But they no longer have the means to help themselves. They need us to find a solution for them."

Save the Dolphins

As mentioned earlier, the Dolphins are here to aid us in our spiritual evolution. With the oil dumping crisis, Fukashima and many other events affecting the oceans and the sea, as well as the increase in Dolphin killings, it makes one wonder whether there is an agenda behind it all to suppress our spiritual development and the Dolphins' ability to help us.

Dolphins are Descendants of Mermaid Aliens

It is up to us to put an end to the pollution and to help our Dolphin brothers! Lets raise our vibrations together and swim through the sea of love and light!


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  3. So just saying i happened upon this article because i was reading a book on dolphins and saw that they were mammals. We are also mammals so I begun to think maybe mermaids are possible through human dolphin relations?


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