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Twilight Movie Series is Illuminati Propaganda

I have reason to believe that the popular Twilight movie series contains Illuminati undertones. Before you question my claims, be sure to read below, and research this on your own. Open your mind. Question everything.

What is Twilight?

Twilight is about a young high school girl who falls in love with a hundred year-old immortal vampire dude. Their love-relationship results in many conflicts between herself, the vampire community, and a pack of werewolves.

Twilight started off as a series of books, and became a popular series of movies. As I've mentioned in my other posts, nothing becomes mainstream and popular for no reason. There is a reason why the Twilight movies are so popular, and here is the reason why:

The Twilight movies are about the Illuminati. Everything in the movies contain references to the Illuminati and their associates! This movie is an obvious Illuminati Propaganda movie to trick the audience into favoring them! The movies are also a form of social engineering.

Don't believe me? - Here are a few examples:

Royal Families

The vampire family in the movie, known as the Cullens, symbolize the royal families of our world. On the outside, they seem like normal-looking people. The general population looks up to them and sees them as awesome people. However, they are not what they appear to be.

Twilight Movie Series contains Illuminati Undertones

In Twilight, the Cullen family are blood-sucking vampires who feed off innocent animals. The Cullens are a reference to our world's Illuminati and Royal Families, who are Energy-Sucking vampires, who take the form of Reptilian-Aliens that feed off the fear of innocent people, whom they see as animals.

Twilight Movie Series contains Illuminati Undertones

Twilight Movie Series contains Illuminati Undertones

The Cullen family in Twilight possess supernatural powers. This is a reference to the reptilian-alien overlords of our world, who posess similar powers. It is also a reference to the Royal Families, who possess secret knowledge of the universe, that the general public is kept secret from. The Royal Families and their Secret Societies use their sacred knowledge for their own selfish purposes while the other 99% of the world suffer. Also, the vampires in Twilight are immortal. The Royal Families in our world today are rumored to be immortal as well.

Twilight Movie Series contains Illuminati Undertones


The female protagonist (Bella) starts dating a vampire dude from a royal vampire family. Bella represents all of the young girls in our world today, who dream of being swept away by a prince, becoming the next Princess Diana and Kate Middleton, who married into royalty. Unfortunately, what these dreamers don't realize is that the royals do not marry outside of their own bloodline.

Twilight Movie Series contains Illuminati Undertones

In mainstream media, Princess Diana and Kate Middleton are depicted as outsiders who got lucky and landed themselves a prince; what we aren't told is that these "outsiders" are closer to the inside than they were portrayed to be.

In Twilight, the vampire families are not allowed to breed outside their own race. They keep their bloodlines pure and clean by mating only with other vampires. In our world, the Royal Families do not breed outside their own bloodlines; inbreeding has kept their unique Reptilian-Alien DNA pure and clean for centuries.

Twilight Movie Series contains Illuminati Undertones

The Vampire kid in Twilight, however, ends up marrying his human high school girlfriend. The marriage is not acceptable because she is human, and is therefore not one of them. To have their marriage approved, the vampire bites his human girlfriend, turning her into a vampire; now that she is one of them, the marriage is approved.

The Volturi-Illuminati Connection

In Twilight, there is a group of vampires called the Volturi, who are the largest and most powerful coven of vampires. They enforce the laws of the vampire world. The Volturi are a representation of the Illuminati, who control the Royal Families as well as famous celebrities and political figures (puppets).

Twilight Movie Series contains Illuminati Undertones

In Twilight, the Volturi kill vampires who expose themselves to the humans. In our world, the Illuminati will murder, or at least attack celebrities who try to expose them (i.e. Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, John Lenon, Kurt Cobain).


Twilight Movie Series contains Illuminati Undertones

The male protagonist in Twilight is an immortal vampire who is over 100 years old. While posing as a student, he hooks up with a human high school girl. This is an obvious reference to the countless Illuminati members who have pedophilia tendencies... those sick bastards!



Also, the werewolf kid "imprints" a little girl; serious pedophile implications there! The werewolf kid gets rejected by the chick who marries the vampire, so he goes ahead and rapes her little daughter... what a sick freak! The disturbing part is that everybody in the film thinks it is cute.

For the record, if the term JAKE-RAPE becomes famous, I am the one who coined it!

This is an obvious reference to the activities of rape and pedophilia that many of the world's elite indulge in.

Twilight Pedophile implication and reference, Jake Rape

Intergalactic Treaty

In Twilight, there exists a family of shape-shifting werewolves, who are the opposing force of the Vampires. The Werewolves and the Vampires form a treaty.

This is an obvious reference to our world's current situation, where the Illuminati has formed treaties with other groups of aliens. It is because of these treaties that benevolent aliens are not allowed to impose on the Illuminati's evil treatment of the people.

In Twilight a werewolf kid tries to talk the high school girl out of her relationship with the vampire. The werewolf knows the dangers that will ensue if she continues to associate herself with the vampires. Despite his efforts, the high school girl does not listen and ends up marrying the vampire.

The werewolf kid represents the benevolent aliens in our universe who to try warn us about the Illuminati and their false gifts, as shown in their crop circle.

Twilight Movie Series contains Illuminati Undertones

Social Engineering

(From my post: Feminization of Men Agenda)

In Twilight, the chick has a choice between a muscular manly man and a skinny bitch of a vampire. She chooses the skinny bitch. She might as well have chosen another chick. Not that the werewolf kid was manly as he was also portrayed as a whiny little bitch; but at least his physique resembled that of a manly man.
Feminization of Men Agenda
What is the message here? Subconsciously our female youth are being programmed to prefer feminized men over manly men. This has discouraged boys from hitting the gym, playing sports, etc. Instead, they turn themselves into little girls, not just physically (through fashion and cosmetics), but in terms of character traits as well. As mentioned above, these are the very traits that pose a threat to the corrupt government. By destroying the traditional model of the male, they diminish the chances of being overthrown.

Is it any wonder why muscular guys these days are seen as disgusting? Is it any wonder why boys these days would rather go dancing at a club than to hit the gym? The entertainment industry is successfully programming our male youth to become stupid little bitches.

Feminization of Men Agenda

Stephenie Meyer and the Occult

Very few people are aware of the shocking truth that both Stephenie Meyer, who authored the Twilight saga, and J. K. Rowling, who authored the Harry Potter series, appear to have channeled their novels as evil spirits directed them. Like Rowling, Meyer has set her sights on our vulnerable youth; the Wall Street Journal reported, "Twilight has targeted the collective soul of teenage America, and will surely have its way (WHALE.TO)."


I really hate the Twilight movies. I really do.


  1. Jake-Rape ROFL brilliant! :D

  2. Stop copying my blog ideas, bro.

    Actually, feel free, "Conspiracy Satire" is always a strong element to mash with pop culture rants.

    1. I honestly did not copy anything from your blog.
      Great minds think alike, though ;)

    2. But better minds think of it, roughly 66 days earlier. ;)

      I know you're aware, brah. Saw this on the Misc. Keep exposing these dirty bastards for what they are, the world needs all the help it can get in defaming false idols. VIVA LA REVOLUCION!

  3. You've just been JAKE-RAPED! bahahahahaha genius!

  4. Illuminati is everywhere.On the the cover of twilight,the apple represents the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.Bella is like Eve and has taken a bite of the forbidden fruit.You can look up twilight the forbidden fruit on google."The apple on the cover of the novel Twilight symbolizes Bella Swan's and Edward Cullen's love, which is forbidden. The author used it to reference the tree of knowlege in the Holy Bible, which was forbidden."-found online.
    It is obvious why they call it the forbidden fruit.You are also right about bella choosing edward over jacob.edward sparkles.....some "vampire."

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. There's nothing wrong with men who dont have muscle. Girls want an attractive fit man, muscly or not it doesnt matter as long as he is a good, sweet and honest person... Just sayin ;)

  7. She had every right 2 b mad @ da were wolf kid 4 imprinting on her baby

  8. Or it's just crap

  9. funny blog just u hate the fact that the movie is interesting and u are jelous of their syle

  10. By far the dumbest shit I read....vampires can't mate to have kids so how do they keep the blood line pure....all of the Cullens where outsides hell the movie tells how they became who they are. ...illuminati may have influence some of the movie but EVERY THING is run by them ....go get a job cause yu clearly got tooooo much time on your hands

  11. Here are some Twilight Pictures I'll be updating the blog with latest Celebrity Wallpaper for Desktop as often as possible.

  12. This particular entry is clearly not well thought out at's very vague and contains poor analogies as well as references that just don't make sense. Also, jake did not at any point, rape edward and bellas daughter. According to the movie and the book, "imprinting" means that he is her protector, friend, and eventually becomes her lover. She doesn't age as humans do, and is considered full grown by age 7. There is nothing even remotely close to "paedophilia" in that aspect. I mean, I see what you were trying to do, but this is a total, if not complete fail. Please attempt this again, this time, with a bit more research. Thanks.

  13. lol. the illuminati may be out there, but this, my friend is UTTER RUBBISH!!!



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