Friday, November 30, 2012

Quebec's PQ Government and Their Agenda to Take Over the World

I have reason to believe that the PQ government of Quebec is in the process of taking over the entire world.

Before you dismiss this claim, be sure to research this on your own. Question Everything.

The Language Police

As I've mentioned in previous posts, to control the world, you must control its language; control the way people interact with each other, and you control everything! Pauline Marois and her Language Nazi PQ government are on a mission to turn the entire world into French!

Quebec's PQ Government and Their Agenda to Take Over the World

Pauline Marois, the head of the Parti Québécois (PQ) updated Bill 101, and introduced their new Bill 14, basically restricting the use and learning of the English language.

Bill 14 Highlights

PQ pitches tighter language restrictions to boost French

Amendments to the Charter of the French Language:

  • Designation of a minister responsible for language matters, planning and policy.
  • Educational institutions must take reasonable steps to ensure that students receive sufficient training in French to prepare them to interact and flourish in Quebec society.
  • Businesses that employ 26 to 49 regular employees must make French the everyday language of the workplace.
  • Businesses that serve the public must communicate with customers in French.
Amendments to the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms:
  • French is defined as the official language of Quebec and a "fundamental factor of its social cohesion."
  • Every person has a right to live, receive an education and work in French in Quebec.
  • Immigrants to Quebec have a right to learn French and to benefit from reasonable measures to facilitate their integration.

Quebec's PQ Government and Their Agenda to Take Over the World

New immigrants to Quebec are not allowed to attend English schools; instead, they are forced to attend French-language junior colleges. By doing so, these immigrants do not get the opportunities to develop their English skills, restricting their interaction with other cultures.

Businesses are no longer allowed to communicate in English. Even during private conversations, people are not allowed to speak English. What kind of Nazi Language Dictatorshit is this?!

Anglophones in Quebec are now facing employment and social difficulties as a result of Pauline Marois' new language laws. Companies in Quebec now employ French-speakers only. Anglophones are now finding themselves unemployed or being outsourced to other provinces, moving to Toronto, Vancouver and even the US, to find work. Anglophones are also too afraid to speak in public, for fear of being bashed by the French.

Quebec's PQ Government and Their Agenda to Take Over the World

Why, PQ? Why?

These language laws have been established on the basis of "preserving the Quebec Culture and Language". This is just a cover-up. The language laws serve several purposes; the main ones being:

  • To create a conflict amongst the people (Francophones vs Anglophones), to keep the population distracted from the corrupt business being conducted behind their backs by the PQ government.
  • To establish a new world order (Quebec World Order). As of now, they are starting off with their own people. But soon, they will spread out towards other provinces, and then to other countries, until their language laws have been imposed on a global scale.

The language issue has caused many conflicts between French-speakers and English-speakers in Quebec. This is a typical Divide and Conquer scheme!

World Domination (Quebec World Order)

It has been disclosed that $100,000 will be spent on a spy mission, where agents will be sent across airports around Canada, and demand that they be served in French. This is an obvious attempt at Quebec-Colonization. It won't be too long before PQ has taken over the entire world, enforcing its language laws upon everybody!

Quebec's PQ Government and Their Agenda to Take Over the World

What Can We Do?

Stop speaking french in Quebec. Fight the powers that be! Speak English only. Let all Francophones, Anglophones, and multi-linguals unite and put an end to this oppression! Let's show these PQ sons of a bitches that we're not gonna take their shit anymore!


  1. All that is really needed is a Free POUTINE enema for every Kebecois/Kebecoise to get their BRAIN cleared. Under Kebec's Medicare plan it would be a cinch!

    1. The only thing I like about Quebec is poutine.

  2. I live in Montreal and french is never gonna spread anywhere else . I think that english will dominate french soon. People who speak english aren't better than us . I just think that there are assholes everywhere. World domination of quebec? This is a joke, we are 8 million people and USA can kill all of us anytime.

    1. i believe this is true. The new immigrants entering canada are all either speaking or learning english not french. The people of quebec will the ones adapting english not the other way around.

  3. These PQ separatists are all a bunch of thugs
    and they should all move to France where they
    belong . Who the Fuck do they think they are .


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